Pregnant Women Warned Not To Eat Rockmelon

There's been an increase in Salmonella cases

August 03 2016

Food Standards Australia issued a warning yesterday saying they were investigating the possible link.


“State and territory food enforcement agencies are investigating cases of Salmonella, possibly associated with rockmelon, following an increase in cases in a number of states in Australia.”


“While we wait for further information, the best advice is that consumers, especially infants, the elderly, pregnant women or people with compromised immune systems, should not consume rockmelon.”


According to the NSW food authority, “overseas evidence suggests contaminated water, fertiliser, contact with pests/animals or insufficient cleaning of rockmelons prior to sale could be contributing factors to rockmelons becoming contaminated with Salmonella.”


The NSW Food Authority said consumers could reduce the risk of infection by not purchasing rockmelons that were bruised or damaged; refrigerating rockmelons within two hours of peeling or cutting; washing all rockmelons with cool tap water immediately before eating; and washing your hands with hot soapy water before and after handling fresh rockmelons.


If you are concerned you can find more information on the NSW Food Authority website.