SHOCK NEWS: Pregnant woman GRABS stranger's BOOB after she touches her baby bump in shop

She whhhattttt?

February 21 2019

A bizarre encounter in a supermarket led to one pregnant mum GRAB a stranger's boob to teach her a lesson!

The pregnant woman lunged at the stranger's boob after a random woman came up to her while they were both shopping and touched her baby bump.

The mum-to-be was so shocked and upset, she thought she would pay back the stranger and so put her hand on the woman's breast!


Getty/stock shot

Getty/stock shot


The mum explained on a Reddit post that has now been removed, that she is currently 36 weeks pregnant and NOT enjoying her pregnancy.

She explained, 'I had 3 early miscarriages before this and that was obviously horrible in its own right, and now I can't even enjoy my pregnancy. Nausea and vomiting almost every single day, food aversions have left me with "safe" foods in the single digits, and gestational hypertension."

And this meant that the strangers bump-touch came at exactly the wrong time.

"This f*cking lady in her '50s actually reached out and touched my belly out of f*cking nowhere,' she ranted.  "And was like 'Awww is it a boy or a girl?'" the mom ranted. And to make matters worse, "her hand was positioned like right where my shirt meets my pants so I could actually feel part of her hand on my bare skin." 



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Getty/Stock image


"What I did was reach over and grab her boob," she wrote.

"Now when I say 'grab' I mean more that I placed my hand on the top of her boob until she pulled away pretty much instantly," she continued. "And she just looked at me with this absolutely aghast face and I was just like 'not great huh??' and walked away."

The woman's husband agreed with his wife that this was the right course of action, but the pregnant woman's mum did not and now the woman is wondering if she is an "advanced asshole".

And Reddit users were quick to voice their opinions!


One woman explained that a guy had done this to her and asked, "is it a boy or a girl" so she grabbed his big belly and said, 'Is it Budweiser or Coors?'. While another said it was one way for a stranger to learn that if it "isn't her body, it isn't her business!'

But other were quick to disagree, saying it was all a step too far.


"Could you just have said, 'Please don't touch me?'" said one. "Why be an asshole when he meant well."

Just before the post was taken down, people argued that it was sexual assault to touch the old lady's boob and it should be reported to the police.

"I agree that it's outrageous that pregnant women are expected to tolerate friends and strangers feeling their belly at will without invitation," said the moderator of the site "I agree that the OP's retaliation was surprising and funny. But that does not make it right."

What do you think of the pregnant lady's actions?

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