Pregnant with a girl: Eight signs you are having a girl

How to tell before your 20-week scan

Practical Parenting writer / November 21 2018

With the thrill of finding out you’re pregnant comes the likely internal question, “am I having a boy or a girl?” After all, it’s only natural to want to know as much as possible about your new womb-mate.

Your child’s gender is determined at the moment of conception but it’s usually not until the 20-week ultrasound that we discover whether it’s a boy or girl - and this isn’t always possible if you have an acrobatic baby in there. Others choose to use DNA-based technology, known as the Harmony Prenatal Test, as early as week 10 to reveal gender with 99% accuracy. And some choose to simply wait the nine months and toil over myths, folklore and Chinese Gender Predictor Charts.

If you are convinced you’re pregnant with a girl, consider these common signs…

1. Morning sickness
Many women will tell you those frantic dashes to the bathroom during the first trimester are symptoms of a baby girl.
The truth? While there is no certainty, and many queasy mamas will carry boys, a 1999 study revealed mothers with severe sickness (known as hyperemesis gravidarum) were more likely to be carrying girls. Doctors believe this could be due to higher levels of hCG, the pregnancy hormone, more common in female pregnancies.

2. Hair loss
Heard the saying, a girl will steal your beauty? Many believe thinning hair and oily skin are signs you’re welcoming a daughter.
The truth? Don’t start buying dresses just yet, the belief is not scientifically based. Changes to your appearance usually relate to hormonal adjustments or a shift in diet.

3. Sweet cravings
Wanting sugar and spice and all things nice? It must be a little girl!
The truth? Studies show cravings are your body’s way of telling you what it needs, not a sign of gender. Desperate for chocolate? Your body may be low in magnesium.

4. Baby’s heartbeat
They say if baby’s heart rate is higher than 140 bpm, it’s a sign of having a girl.
The truth? While ‘they’ sound credible, a study published in Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy revealed boy and girl heart rates in early pregnancy showed no significant difference. It is, however, true that a girl’s heartbeat will be slightly faster throughout labour - but you’re about to find out then anyway!

5. Belly shape
People may stop you in the street to tell your belly shape determines gender. Carrying high? You’ve got a girl in the womb.
The truth? Sorry, this one is a myth. Ultimately, belly shape comes from your physique and the size or position of the baby, not its gender.

6. Spotty skin
Wondering why you don’t have beautiful, glowing skin? Legend says it’s a girl on the way.
The truth? Annoyingly, this isn’t a fact but merely a symptom of pregnancy and your altering hormones.

7. Mood swings
Feeling volatile? Many believe this is due to more estrogen in the body, therefore a female on board.
The truth? A warning to all partners, a rollercoaster of moods throughout pregnancy is pretty common and does not discriminate against gender.

8. Urine colour
The belief is clear or dull urine indicates a baby girl.
The truth? Your crystal clear pee isn’t a crystal ball into your baby’s gender but just a sign you’re keeping hydrated, top work!