8 signs you are having a boy!

Can't wait until your 20-week scan to find out?

July 29 2019

Finding out the sex of your baby is one of life’s most exciting reveals. And while gender is determined at conception, parents have to be patient. Many use the 20-week scan as the opportune time to find out whether it’s a boy or girl – and let’s just say a baby boy can be the most obvious as you look eagerly upon the screen. Well, that’s if bub cooperates in the womb that day!

For a more accurate measure of gender, you can choose to take a DNA test at week 10. Using a non-invasive blood sample, these tests offer parents a result with 99% accuracy.  

Or you can do what our grandparents did and just wait the nine months. Some say mothers are the best predictors of gender, using only their ‘Spidey senses’.

If you think you’re pregnant with a boy, take a look at some of the common clues of a male heir on the way.

1. Salty cravings
They say with a girl you’ll crave sugary foods, whereas a boy makes the body crave salty things like hot chips.

The truth? Cravings have nothing to do with gender but are the body’s way of telling you something. During the first trimester your progesterone levels increase and that can cause you to lose more sodium in your urine. Or it could be your body’s way of saying you need more healthy fats.



2. Cold feet
We don’t mean fear of impending parenthood, but literally cold feet, is one of the symptoms of a baby boy.

The truth? This is not a fact, and it could be poor circulation. It might be time to move around and get the blood flowing.

3. Weight out front
If the weight it piling up all around you, it’s a girl. If it all appears out front, you’ve got a boy.

The truth? This one’s a myth - weight gain has more to do with your body shape and diet.

4. Boob size
If your right breast looks bigger than the left, they say you’ve got a son.

The truth? Another myth. One scientific study actually suggested that bigger breasts indicate a girl because the testosterone hormone from baby boys hinders the growth of an expecting mother’s boobs.

5. Luscious locks
Some say when you’re having a boy, your hair is thicker and glossier.

The truth? A gorgeous mane isn’t an indication of a boy, but just one of the lucky perks to pregnancy. Enjoy it, because when bub comes along many mamas experience rapid hair loss!

6. Linea Nigra

If your Linea Nigra goes past your belly button towards your breasts, you’re having a boy, and if it extends downwards to your pubic bone it’s a girl.

The truth? Just like reading tea leaves, this has no credibility. The Linea Nigra is a result of our raging hormones and will affect each mama differently.

7. Morning sickness
Think those Hollywood movies have it wrong because you aren’t running to the bathroom with fits of nausea? Some say this is because you’re pregnant with a boy.

The truth? There have been several studies on mums with severe morning sickness, known as hyperemesis gravadarum, which revealed they had a greater chance of carrying a girl due to the increase in hCG levels which can heighten queasiness. However, don’t be thanking your son just yet, many mums of boys say they experienced sickness during pregnancy.

8. Stress levels
Wartime theorists say high stress around the time of conception will equal a girl.

The truth? While there have been many studies which saw a correlation between high levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, and female births, experts agree there needs to be more research. If you were feeling cool, calm and collected at conception, don’t be counting on a boy.