Pushy mother-in-law won’t let pregnant mum find out her baby’s gender!


Content Editor / January 15 2019

The relationship between a woman and her mother-in-law can often be a bit fraught, especially when it comes to a new baby.

However, one mother-in-law displayed some serious control issues when she insisted that her daughter-in-law not found out the gender of her unborn baby.

Explaining the situation on Reddit, the woman revealed that doesn't appreciate her MIL's gender-reveal ban because she should be able to do what she wants.

“Over the holiday, after behaving horribly to everyone and blaming my "female pregnancy hormones" when I gently stood up to her, MIL's newest obsession is making sure we do NOT find out the sex of our unborn baby,” the woman wrote.

“Because if we do, we'll ‘ruin everything’ as ‘the first child especially absolutely HAS to be a surprise’. Even so, it's ‘definitely a boy’ because ‘this family's genes make boys’.

“Basically, she's been berating us every time we speak to her to make sure we don't find out the sex of our baby before it is born.”

The mum-to-be also added that her mother-in-law shared the couple’s pregnancy news before the 12-week mark despite being asked not to! And MIL has also tried to control the naming too.

“Yesterday she randomly sent me a list of the top 10 baby names from the local newspaper to make sure we don't consider any of them,” the woman shared.

But in the end, the mum-to-be is having the last laugh, revealing she HAS found out the baby’s gender but will not be sharing this information!

“Science says we CAN find out the baby's sex and despite DH's supposed ‘boy genes’, we're having a healthy little girl! Guess who doesn't get to know this information?!” she added.

The responses to the woman’s post were pretty hilarious!

“Come up with outlandish, bizarre boy's names to troll her,” said one.

“Haha with our second we told her his name was Donald. And made her call him Donald. She was having a fit so my mom told her the truth and then she had a fit because my mom knew his real name,” added another.

“My ex and I told his mom that our daughter's middle name would be Chewbacca. We kept it up long enough that she was never sure if we were serious, especially since we're both geeky weirdos,” said a third.

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