Poor bride discovers her wedding cake is FAKE when she cuts a slice!

She couldn't believe it!

Writer / May 20 2019

When a bride and groom get married, it's traditional for the wedding cake to consist of two or three layers - and on the big day their friends and family excitedly cheer as the happy couple cut the top layer at the reception.

Then, usually, one layer is taken away and frozen for the new Mr and Mrs to enjoy on their anniversary or to celebrate the birth of their first child. But for one Aussie bride, things did NOT quite go to plan!



The woman took to Facebook to explain how she had got married 12 years ago, and how her mum had dutifully taken the large bottom layer of her wedding cake, covered in Marzipan, and put it in her freezer so it could be served at a later date.

For 12 years, the mum had asked her daughter to take the cake back because it was taking up so much room in the freezer, but it had never quite happened.

'Last week she finally said (because they are moving) 'I'm bringing up  the cake'. So she did,' the woman explained on Facebook.

But no-one was quite prepared for what happened next...

'And after watching it 'defrost' for 8 hours or so, I grabbed a mother f***er of a knife and proceeded to attempt to cut a slice for the kids. It was polystyrene! I had totally forgotten that I had asked the cake maker to put a dummy cake at the bottom to give it a bit more height.

'My poor mum had been keeping a FAKE CAKE in the freezer for 12 years. God I laughed!'




The mum's story has quickly gone viral with others finding her wedding cake dramas hilarious!

'Did you tell your mum?' said one. 'Can you chronicle that confession!'

'Imagine if you'd cut it on the day?' said another!

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