Parents advertise for personal trainer for their kids aged six and 11

They are desperate to help their kids get fit and healthy, but is it right?

August 09 2018

Parents have posted a job ad asking for a personal trainer to help their kids aged six and 11 to lose weight - and they're prepared to pay more than $130 an hour.

The couple from London are desperate to find a way to encourage their kids to work out so they aren't bullied at school because of their weight. 

The mother writes on her job post on that her son is off to high school in September and has already been bullied so she wants him to learn to live healthily so the problem doesn't escalate. 

'Seeing your child upset because of other people’s actions is one of the worst things in the world and I wouldn’t wish it on any parent,” the ad states.

“We know that child obesity is an issue which is getting increasingly worse and we just want to give our children the foundation to a happy and healthy life, and we think that giving them an opportunity to train at a young age is the best way to do that.”

The mother admits that she discovered a healthy lifestyle in her late-20s after being attacked over her weight.

'We're willing to pay around £80 an hour but the right candidate will need to get on well with both ourselves and the children and have a keen understanding of kinesiology and nutrition. We'll also need them to formulate the children's diet plan and track their progress.'

Would you ever do the same for your kids?