Yes! 'Nutella' M&M's are coming our way!

And they taste as good as they sound...

September 28 2018

What a great day to be alive!

M&M's are adding a new flavour to their choccie-treat repertoire and damn it's genius! Inspired by Nutella, they're bringing out a new Hazelnut Spread flavour which means you get that chocolate, nutty-spread taste in the centre and a milk chocolate shell.

Heading our way in early 2019, the new flavour comes in a bright blue bag and has already become a bit of a sensation on-line. 





But will they be as good as they sound, given that the chocolates are inspired by Nutella and not made by the actual company? Staff at PEOPLE in the US were given a sneaky early taste and don't panic, it's OK! 'The verdict is sure to calm some nerves: They are very Nutella-esque,' they reported. 'That familiar nutty flavor hits you almost immediately—perhaps packing even more of a hazelnut punch than the actual stuff.'


They're not the first company to jump on the Nutella-inspired band wagon. Last month, Lindt announced that they were bring out a hazelnut chocolate spread to rival Nutella.

And there's more M&M's news! The company also announced they are bringing out five new chocolate bars. Yep!



You'll be able to get peanut, milk chocolate, crispy, almond and crispy mint.

What a way to start our day!