New NSW Bushfire update: Will schools be closed on Wednesday

Students are not to stay home on their own

November 12 2019


‘When are we going to get information about whether schools will be closed tomorrow? I have to prepare for care for my kids, it would be good to have as much notice as possible?’ asked one.
Said another: ‘Is anyone else wondering whether schools will be closed tomorrow as well? If things are as bad as they say they will be, then it doesn’t look good right?’
Added a third: ‘I’m hearing that schools will be closed tomorrow as well? Has anyone else heard this? Our local school were saying it.’
At present, Practical Parenting can confirm that there are no current plans in place to close schools for a second day running tomorrow. As it stands, schools will reopen on Wednesday, November 13 - but obviously this can change if the fire situation worsens. We will keep you updated as more information comes to hand.