Get crafty with the kids this Halloween!

Create fun decorations using recycled household items

October 01 2020

Decorating your home for Halloween doesn't have to cost the earth - or your wallet. All of these crafty creations can be made using items from your recycling bin, so roll up your sleeves, get the glue gun out and have fun with the kids!


Milk Carton Lanterns


Large plastic milk bottles
Black Sharpie
Glow sticks


Step One: Clean your bottles

Wash bottles with warm soapy water and remove any labels.

Step Two: Draw your face

Use a sharpie to draw eyes and a mouth on each of the bottles. Make sure you make them big!

Step Three: Add the glow sticks

Wait until it is nearly dark before cracking the glow sticks and drop inside your milk bottle. Replace the lid on the bottle.



Toilet Roll Monsters


Toilet rolls
Black Sharpie
Pipe cleaners
Pom Pom balls
Craft glue


Step One: Paint on base colour

Paint your toilet roll entirely with one colour (you can paint details over it). Leave to dry.

Step Two: Cut your toilet roll

Cut your toilet roll to the height you would like or add some hair! This is also the time to cut any holes you may want to stick your pipe cleaner through.

Step Three: Add a face

Use the Pom Pom balls and pipe cleaners to create a face for your monster. Add glue to stick them to the toilet roll.  Get as creative and crazy as you can!

Step Four: Time for the details

Use some paint or a sharpie to decorate the surface of your toilet rolls to finish the look. You now have some silly toilet roll monsters!



Recycled Ghosts


Old white fabric
Fabric Scissors
Black string
Black Sharpie
Old used paper


Step One: Cut your fabric

Cut your fabric into large square pieces.

Step Two: Create the body

Wrap one piece of fabric around a scrunched up ball of paper and secure with a piece of string.

Step Three: Add a face

Use the sharpie to add eyes to your ghost, and your ghost is ready to go

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