Nurse dresses NICU babies in costume for their first halloween

'They really are superheroes'

October 31 2016

In the lead up to Halloween, Windsor was busy designing backdrops and crocheting capes for the newborns costumes, which include:  Superman, Batman, a witch and a princess. The pictures were then shared on the hospitals Facebook page. 


"The parents loved it,'' Windsor said. "[It] really gave them something to smile about when they are in a sad time in their life, when they're having to go home without their babies. I think it brought them a little bit of joy."


"It makes me feel good that people get to see these babies,'' Windsor said. "I don't think people think about the NICU unless they've had a baby that's had to go there. I'm glad it's bringing recognition to our NICU and what we do."