New NSW Bushfire update: Will schools be closed on Wednesday

"I have to prepare for care for my kids"

Contributor, Practical Parenting / November 12 2019

As NSW braces for the ‘Catastrophic Fire Alert’ which has seen many schools across the state closed today, a new panic is unfolding for concerned mums.

Yesterday, the NSW state government announced that schools in areas at high risk of being exposed to the extreme fire conditions would be closed today so families could stay safe at home.

But with tensions still high and much of the state preparing for the worst, now mums are concerned that no information is coming through on whether schools will be closed tomorrow also.

Added a third: ‘I’m hearing that schools will be closed tomorrow as well? Has anyone else heard this? Our local school were saying it.’

At present, Practical Parenting can confirm that there are no current plans in place to close schools for a second day running tomorrow. As it stands, schools will reopen on Wednesday, November 13 - but obviously this can change if the fire situation worsens. We will keep you updated as more information comes to hand.

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