Never do ironing again, thanks to this one simple drying trick

It's free and easy. How come this was a secret?

October 10 2018


A newly-shared housework hack could give you the look of well-ironed clothes, without ever going near an iron or an iron-board again. 

And it's free.

According to many on-line users, if you simply place  two to three ice cubes into your dryer with your wet clothes, set it on high heat for just a few minutes, the wrinkles in your clothes will smooth out.

Countless people online then tested out the unusual method, and they were impressed with the results.



But how does it actually work?

Apparently, the ice melts in the heat of the dryer and is turned into water and then steam, therefore it steams your clothes wrinkle-free as it drys them.

But bewared, don't overfill your tumble dryer or it won't work - and it's best used on cotton shirts. 


Do you have an invaluable cleaning hack?