Needles found embedded in Woolies strawberries

Thousands of punnets are recalled

Content Editor / September 12 2018

Sewing needles have been found threaded into a number of strawberries in Victoria and Queensland.

Authorities are investigating the contamination after a man reported swallowing a strawberry with a needle on Sunday.

Two men bought a punnet from a Strathpine store in Queensland, with one of them biting into a berry and swallowing half a needle.

Police believe that the needles were deliberately inserted, and the growers say a disgruntled ex-employee may be to blame.

Industry Development Officer Jennifer Rowling released a statement which read: ‘The Queensland Strawberry Growers Association have reason to suspect that a disgruntled ex-employee may have orchestrated the occurrence, wherein sewing needles were found in a number of strawberries, in Queensland and Victoria.’

The brands in question are Berry Obsession and Berry Licious. Authorities are liaising with retailers to ensure all stock is removed from sale.

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