Natural fertility boosters

Prepping your body for fertility and conception can be as simple as starting with what you do day to day.

June 23 2016

1.    Nutrition. It goes without saying, but we often let this slip by the way side. Include quality fats and protein at every meal since these provide the building blocks for your body to make hormones – think eggs, nuts, seeds, avocados, oily fish, legumes and meat proteins.


2.    Conception assistance. Around 40 per cent of conception relies on your partner’s sperm and his ability to perform.  There are home conception devices that can assist the sperm to reach the cervix more easily.  If you’re experiencing difficulty in conception, this could be an option to help bridge the gap between natural fertility and assisted conception.


3.    Regular sex all month round.  Many couples fall into the groove of tapering off the time spent between the sheets after ovulation.  Sex post ovulation is just as important as that had for conception, it helps increase uterine blood flow and hence support implantation, nourishment of the imbedded embryo and release ‘feel good’ hormones to assist in overall wellbeing. 


4.   Love your liver. Your liver plays a big role in hormone detoxification and balance. Including foods like warm lemon water, bitter greens and increasing fibre to ship out excess hormones can see them find their sweet hum again.