Mum's warning as toddler dies after baby monitor cord gets wrapped around her neck

This has details, some might find upsetting...

March 26 2019

A grieving mum has issued a warning to parents across the world after her baby daughter tragically died.

Little Jessica Lacey Duggan passed away after getting her baby monitor cord wrapped around her neck in her cot at home.

The 18-month-old was found accidentally strangled by a lead from a Motorola baby monitor on October 26, last year.

It's thought she had somehow managed to grab a hold of the wire, which had been tucked along a wall behind a shelf. She was found by her dad Jason, 30, shortly after he put her down for a nap.



Danielle, Jason and Danielle Lacey Duggan/Facebook

Danielle, Jason and Danielle Lacey Duggan/Facebook


Jessica’s mum Danielle, 31, wants to raise awareness about Jessica’s death so other parents don’t have to go through a similar heartbreaking experience.

'I would urge that parents are really careful when setting up their monitors.' she said. ‘A few years ago people were worried about blinds near cots, but we never had that.’

The couple have no idea how Jessica grabbed the wire or how it ended up around her neck, and so they’re desperate to raise awareness to their toddler’s plight.

A statement read out in court on behalf of PC Matthew Hill, who attended the scene, said there ‘was nothing to suggest this was something other than a tragic accident’. Coroner Yvonne Blake concluded that the death was caused by compression of the neck by ligature.

Danielle and Jason are still coming to terms with their loss, and have called for more support for parents who have lost a child.

‘You get a free counsellor if you have miscarried, your baby was still born or you lost a child through cancer but we got nothing,' said Danielle.




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