Mum praised for hilariously honest post

'OMG. I must be the world's worst mother,' she joked.

February 21 2017

A mums honest post about what she fed her kids for dinner has resonated with other parents.

The mum behind the Facebook page Baby Guru Nutrition is being praised after she admitted to feeding her kids pasta with next to zero veggies.

"OMG. I must be the world's worst mother,” she wrote. “I just fed my child pasta with store bought creamy sauce (gasp), next to zero veggies (shock horror) and $hit loads of cheese (because everything tastes better with cheese).

The mum added: “How will my child survive, let alone thrive? How can I face tomorrow knowing that I haven't given my child nutritionally superior food 110% of the week, despite me being 110% close to losing my $hit

Of Course, she is joking but just make sure everyone is on the page she wrote: “Edited to add: this post is satire.”

The post has attracted lots of comments from mums who have taken the same approach to feeding their kids.

“Scrambled eggs and chicken nuggets, go me,” one mum wrote in the comments section.

Another added: “I did scrambled eggs with a sh*t load of tomato sauce... because kids will eat anything with tomato sauce on it.”

“Love your honesty - we've all been there & kids still alive.”