Mum’s Review: MooGoo Scalp Cream Road-tested

Keshnee Kemp wanted a solution to knock her son’s cradle cap on the head (figuratively speaking, of course!). So she road-tested MooGoo’s Scalp Cream. Check out her review …

Real Mum Reviewer / February 02 2019

The Road-testers

Mum Keshnee Kemp, and her son Xander, 1.

"My son Xander began suffering from cradle cap at around age one. I tried multiple things to treat it, from soaking oil and gently rubbing to chemist solutions – some helped but only temporarily.

As well as looking icky, I could tell that it was itching him. That made me even more determined to get rid of it once and for all." 

The product

Moogoo Scalp Cream, $17.95.

"I noticed visible results after the first application! And after three nights of applying the cream, the cradle cap disappeared entirely. The product is amazing!

Holy cow: What’s it feel like?

"It’s not greasy and fine to be applied directly into the scalp and hair. It’s worth noting that the MooGoo products are made from naturally derived ingredients, without harmful additives, and they are safe for kids to eat (even though they likely don’t taste lovely). Great peace of mind for mums."

Moooving results:

"Now that’s Xander’s cradle cap is completely gone, his hair has grown in evenly. I loved the product so much I’ve started using the full cream moisturiser on both Xander and I."

The grass is greener: Keshnee's verdict

"Definitely 5 stars!"