“I halved my grocery budget and lost 30kg!”

Single mum of twins reveals the clever hacks she used

Content Editor / October 11 2018

Rowena Wood from Uckland in the UK slashed her weekly grocery budget in half by following a few simple rules and doing a weekly meal plan and two big cooking sessions.

She also lost a whopping 32kg in the process, all weight she had put on while pregnant, she told the Daily Mail.

The mother of twins began meal prepping when her children were newborns to help save on time and money.

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She now works as a personal trainer and has become an expert in making cheap meals that average around £1 (AUD $2) a head.

She also spends just 90 minutes cooking twice a week, so she can spend more time with her children.

When grocery shopping, she sticks to a strict list, buys staples in the ‘basics’ sections, and goes to local food markets to bulk buy items.

“Local markets are a whole lot cheaper and when I do have to visit the supermarkets I block out distractions and steer clear of anything in red. Those junk food deals are often bad for your health and your wallet,” the 28-year-old says.

She also bulk buys meat and portions it out to make it stretch further and fills her cupboards with staples such as tinned tuna, lentils, beans, soy sauce, spices and herbs.

“I also bulk out a lot of my meals with veggies – such as kidney beans, peppers, broccoli and it makes everything stretch further,” she explains.

“Meat dishes stretch further with added veg and you get a more substantial, healthy and nutritionally dense meal.”

Typical meals include Mixed Bean Chilli with Sweet Potato, Chicken Kofta with salad, and Zucchini Bolognese.

Keeping her cupboard organized and clean means everything is visible and also makes it easier to meal plan and use what is there.

As a full-time working mum she also shops online to help with meal planning and writing up recipes.

She also shops for food that’s in season and makes use of her slow cooker during the winter months.