Mum rants online about ‘slack mums’ at the school gate and the response is BRUTAL


Content Editor / February 07 2019

One Mum’s rant about slack mums at the school gate has gone viral after being posted on Facebook.

The rant, which was posted in full on the Sanctimommy page, began with the woman saying that it was a ‘luxury’ for mums to be able to do school drop-off in pyjamas.

“Oh to have the luxury to be in PJs at the school drop-off,” she began.

She then went on to detail all the things she had achieved that morning, which included rising at 3:30am to work out, shower, go to the ATM and fill out ‘Valentines cookie grams.'



But wait, there’s more… this supermum also found time to reheat lasagne for everyone’s lunches, make coffee and arrive in work by 7.30am.

She finished her rant by saying “The LEAST you can do is put on a damn bra before you go to your kids school.”

The responses, unsurprisingly, were hilarious and BRUTAL.

“Up at 3:30? That’s so cute that you sleep! I haven’t slept for more than 3 minutes in the last ten years because I’m dedicated to meeting my families needs 24/7, so I don’t even own PJ’s. But I’m sure it’s nice to take a break from loving your children from time to time,” wrote one.

“Treadmill for a mile and squats, so like 20 minutes tops if she ran a slow mile? And then she spent the next 3.5 hours getting dressed, putting shit in a folder, and microwaving lasagna. I don't know, Karen. Compared to that, my pajamas seem downright efficient,” another said.

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Other questioned whether she was really as efficient as she thought.

“She definitely could have done 75% of that the night before. Failure to prepare is failure to excel. Maybe tomorrow will be better for her,” wrote one mum.

“Also, this whole thing is so braggy but she could have avoided all of that if she just did it the night before. So you got up at the crack of dawn for no reason? Congratulations. I'll be over here buying Spongebob valentines, throwing lunchables in my kids' lunchboxes, sleeping until 7, and doing whatever I please with my own t*tties,” quipped another.

Do you ever wear pyjamas to the school gate?

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