Mum's warning: 'My son was scarred for life'


September 22 2020

Donna Truscott, 37, was in the kitchen with her son Braxton, then 22 months, and his dad Brendan, when the split-second accident happened.

She told that’s life! ‘I’d been in bed all day with food poisoning, so I was glad to be up. Suddenly, I heard glass smashing followed by blood-curdling scream. I span around and heard Brendan shout that his cup of green tea had gone all over Braxton.’

The toddler had somehow managed to reach up to kitchen counter in the instant Donna’s back was turned.


‘Brendan scooped him up and raced to the bathroom. But as he took off his T-shirt, Braxton’s skin peeled off too,’ Donna said. ‘We frantically put him under a cool shower, and called Triple-0.’

The operator told her to keep Braxton under a tepid shower for 20 minutes. 

Donna added: ‘Poor Braxton sobbed as the water touched his red face and raw chest. Tea had also splashed his face and hand. ‘It’s my fault,’ Brendan kept saying. But it was just a horrible accident.’

Paramedics arrived and applied a teatree oil treatment before wrapping Braxton in medical foil.

Arriving at Westmead Children’s Hospital, Braxton was rushed in for treatment. The regular dressing changes were painful, so Braxton was given painkillers to keep him drowsy.



This article originally appeared on that's life!