Mum is LIVID when dad gets all the attention after HER traumatic birth...

The frustrated mum is upset that people treat her partner 'as if he is some kind of unicorn' while she is a 'spoiled princess'

May 30 2019

A new mum has vented her frustration over her husband being praised as the 'perfect dad' after she went through the traumatic birth of their daughter.

The anonymous woman, whose "gorgeous" little girl is just over six weeks old, said her partner returned to work a fortnight ago but when he is at home he does most of the feeds and nappy changes so she can get a break to recover physically. 

On the parenting forum mumsnet, the mum credits her husband with being an "absolute angel" throughout a "rough ride" of labour - but she's fed up that he gets ALL the attention from friends and family and she gets none. 





"We've had a few comments from friends and family members about how she is always with him and how she's such a daddy's girl," the mum shared.

"One even asked if I had ever changed her nappy. Obviously this is infuriating as they don't seem to realise or take into account that I'm alone with her all day every day.

"I'm getting really down about worrying that it makes me look like a crap mum and that he does everything."

The mum clearly expected followers to say she was being over-sensitive, but the response was over-whelmingly supportive of her plight.  

One woman wrote, "It's the usual sexist BS. Ignore them and be happy that you've found a good man, they are few and far between."

Another mum wrote, "Who on earth is making such stupid comments? You're well within your rights to challenge their nasty remarks and question them on what basis do they judge you to not be meeting your child's needs.

"Ask them, do they really suppose your baby goes uncared for when your husband is at work, or are they just trying to provoke and belittle you for some other reason?"

The mum' was clearly touched that so many commenters weren't dismissing her feelings and she wrote, "Oh wow, thank you those who have commented so quickly. Sat up feeding her at this time and just feeling a bit sensitive I think.

"You're right, it is sexist BS. Just because he actually parents and doesn't 'babysit' his child, people talk to him as if he's some kind of unicorn and me as if I'm a spoiled princess."

"I know it annoys him too, maybe I need to encourage him to point it out to the people who make comments."


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