Mum dies after refusing chemo and going vegan instead

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Writer / June 03 2019

A young mother has passed away after refusing medicine in favour of a vegan lifestyle and holistic supplements.

Katie Britton-Jordan, from Derbyshire, UK, was told she had triple negative breast cancer in July 2016.

She had found a lump in her breast while breastfeeding her daughter Delilah who was aged three at the time, Metro reports.



Doctors suggested she have a mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy which would save her life, but she opted for alternative methods including taking up a vegan diet and taking supplements including seaweed, raw turmeric and black pepper capsules.

“‘If I had chemo, I think I would be almost bed-ridden. I have seen friends have chemotherapy and they are affected for life by it. It’s horrible,” Katie said after her diagnosis.

“You are poisoning your body. In my opinion, there are lots of options out there that I think are much more valuable than poisoning yourself.”

Katie’s stage 2a cancer developed into stage 4 cancer, spreading to her lymph nodes in her neck, lungs, liver and bones.



Dr Catherine Zollman, a GP and medical director of Penny Brohn UK, said: “We’ve learned over 35 years of supporting people affected by cancer that you can combine the best of the lifestyle, dietary and complementary treatments alongside conventional treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and by doing this, you can reduce side effects, improve wellbeing and have a better chance of long-term survival.

“In the case where the treatment offered on the NHS is potentially curative, treatment and monitoring are really important. If you miss that window, the potential for cure may no longer be there.”

Her heartbroken husband announced her death on Sunday on Facebook.

“It breaks my heart to be writing this but on Saturday 25th May, Katie, with the same grace and strength she handled herself through life, peacefully passed to the next,” he wrote.

“She was surrounded by family and friends and shrouded with love.

“Our little girl has learnt the hardest lesson at such a young age and I simply run out of answers when sobbing she asks ‘why we have to say bye bye?’”

“I know some people may have their own opinions on what Katie should or should not have done but whatever that is, it does not alter her bravery and dignity over the last 3yrs.


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