Mum admits she plans to AIRBRUSH all her baby’s pics for social media


January 24 2019

An expectant Australian mum has admitted that she will use Facetune to ensure all pics of her baby are perfect before sharing them on Instagram.

The woman, known only as Lisa, spoke to Kyle and Jackie O on Kiis FM, and explained that although she already has two children who are ‘very good looking’ she doesn’t know yet what baby number three will look like.

“I do not want an ugly baby out there in the world for everyone to see,” she said.

getty images

getty images

“Instagram is such a world where people judge you by the way your child looks and I don't want that negativity bought on my child.”

The woman explained she would use the airbrushing App to alter the baby’s skin and hair if necessary and to remove any “dents in the head”.

“I just want to make sure the hair looks nice. And sometimes when you have a baby they get a little dent in their head - I want to make sure that doesn't happen. That the skin colour is all clear,” she revealed.

“I just want to make sure there are no impurities on the photos of the baby,” she added.

Her comments appeared to divide radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O, with Kyle saying: “Everyone thinks their baby is beautiful but most babies are pretty gross”.

Jackie O disagreed, saying some of the “ugliest kids grow up to be the most beautiful”.

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