'She had a really bad attack' Michael and Kyly Clarke reveal why daughter Kelsey-Lee has been in hospital

Poor little mite

November 15 2018

Michael and Kyle Clarke have revealed why their little daughter, Kelsey-Lee, was rushed to hospital earlier this month - she suffered from a serious asthma attack.

The three-year-old daughter of the former cricket player and his model wife was raced to the Emergency Room following a scare when she struggled to breathe. 

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Michael, 37, revealed, ''She had a really bad attack and was having trouble breathing.'  

The 37-year-old mum-of-one added that they didn't hesitate before getting their little one to a hospital. Fast.

'When it has to do with breathing, you don't think twice, you just take them to the hospital so that is what we did.' 


My 😇 is on the mend. Back 🏠 on the 🛋 😘
My 😇 is on the mend. Back 🏠 on the 🛋 😘


Michael and Kyly had made the scary hospital dash with Kesley-Lee in early November.

The ex-cricketer revealed the distressing news on social media. 

"My little girl is still not doing well," the  37-year-old wrote, showing his darling bub waiting to see the doctor.

Little Kelsey Lee seemed to be doing ok as her mum was seen organising the stuff around her.


Instagram/Michael Clarke

Instagram/Michael Clarke


This is the second time in the past year that the Clarkes have spoken about their daughter's health issues.

Back in February the sporting star said, "It’s not all rainbows and butterflies. One very sick little girl and one very worried Mumma. Fortunately all is (thumbs up emoji)," he penned alongside Kelsey-Lee being cuddled by her mum, while in hospital.

The parents welcomed their firstborn, who was five weeks premature, in November 2015. 

In August, the cricket's wife spoke of her child's hospitalisation, saying, "I think the hard thing is when you see your children sick."


You're more than a ray of sunshine ☀️ #weekends #love #smiles
You're more than a ray of sunshine ☀️ #weekends #love #smiles