In tune or totally fake? Body language expert on Meghan

Expert weighs in after the Duchess was called ‘fake’

October 18 2018

Meghan Markle – now the Duchess of Sussex – was labeled ‘fake’ by UK TV host Piers Morgan on Wednesday and now a body language expert has weighed in on the royal couple’s behaviour during their Australian tour so far.

Piers Morgan, Good Morning Britain host, was scathing about the pregnant duchess in a live-to-air rant on UK.

“She is an actress. She’s acting great at the moment,” the controversial personality said.

Not long after, Morgan tweeted a picture of a mesmerised Meghan looking at Prince Harry with the caption: “Once an actress...”

But speaking exclusively to New Idea, body language expert Louise Mahler described Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan as “the couple we have been waiting for.”

Louise scoured footage from the couple’s tour of Dubbo and revealed “they look so in tune”.

“Harry strongly walks forward. He holds his arm out for more affection without even glancing over at Meghan.

“He is strong and loving and she is gentle and caring,” Louise revealed.

“The arm around the waist is so so gentle and caring,” she added. “The couple have happy smiles at all times.”

Referring to the adorable moment Prince Harry met a five-year-old named Luke Vincent during his tour of Dubbo, Louise said Harry appeared “relaxed and approving” as the little boy cuddled him and played with his beard.

“Harry will be a beautiful dad,” she said.

Meanwhile, Meghan appeared “relaxed” with the Royal Flying Doctors.

“The rubbing of Harry’s back and the turning to each other was delightful,” Louise told New Idea.

“Together they unveil the plane in perfect synchronicity. They are just so comfortable with each other.

“Mimicking each other with their hands on their hips talking to the farmers. They have total rapport.”