Meghan and Harry's second baby news

Archie is set to become a big brother!

December 17 2019


WATCH BELOW: Meghan grabs onto Prince Harry as he's caught in very awkward kiss exchange 


I do think by the end of 2020 Meghan will be expecting another baby.

Their trips to Africa will become more frequent even though some will be private visits and some kept low-key.



We can also expect to see Meghan’s rift with her family, particularly her father, become wider and deeper.

Harry and Meghan’s relationship will see some challenges ahead and the duchess will be seen as the person causing this, but I think this comes from all the pressures put on her from the palace, being a new mum, her family issues and her new fame as a royal.

I think that Meghan will also feel the need to work in one capacity or another (for example, perhaps another issue of Vogue) or perhaps introducing drama and performance arts to her charities.


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