Meet the wellness expert who makes healthy cocktails

They're delicious AND good for you!

Content Editor / August 17 2018

Shannon Rosie is a clinical nutritionist, restauranteur and author of Conscious Cocktails, a recipe book of mixed drinks that not only taste great but are good for you too!

“Being healthy should be fun and there is no reason why having fun can’t be nutritious too,” she says. 

Giving classic cocktails a healthy makeover means nixing sugary mixers and adding nutritious ingredients like green juice, Kombucha, cinnamon, citrus juices, herbs and spices. Shannon says her cocktails are low in alcohol and high on nutrients, so they’re a good choice for mums who want a refreshing tipple. 

Her ‘G&G’ cocktail is a fun twist on the classic G&T and will leave you feeling refreshed (but not tipsy).

“The 30ml shot is standard and quite light for a cocktail (most contain 45-60mls of alcohol), so it won’t knock you out after a big day with your little one, but it will be enough to relax you and take the edge off,” she explains.

“The citrus boost from the grapefruit will give you immune-building vitamin C as well as a burst of energy and the vanilla bitters help to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, curb sugar cravings, as well as encourage healthy digestive enzymes and calm an upset stomach.”

Shannon Rosie's G&G cocktail (left) and The Sinnerman mocktail (right)

Shannon Rosie's G&G cocktail (left) and The Sinnerman mocktail (right)

G&G cocktail


30 ml dry gin (I recommend The Botanist)
Grapefruit tonic (I recommend Fever Tree light or Capi Dry for a low-sugar alternative, which can be found at your local Dan Murphy’s)
Soda water
Fresh grapefruit
Vanilla bitters


Fill glass with ice, add gin
Top with equal parts dry tonic and soda
Garnish with fresh grapefruit wedges
Add dash vanilla bitters

And for mums-to-be looking for a cool mocktail to sip on this summer, try Shannon’s delicious booze-free The Sinnerman.

“It’s a Kombucha-based cocktail that is great for gut heath, which promotes healthy digestion and supports sustained post-pregnancy weight loss,” explains Shannon. “Be sure to choose a low sugar Kombucha variety such as Remedy Kombucha, which has zero sugar content. The cinnamon in this drink will help to balance blood sugar levels too.”

The Sinnerman (alcohol-free)


75ml low-sugar ginger Kombucha
1 pinch grated cinnamon
Dash bitters
Dehydrated orange slice & cinnamon stick (optional)


Fill your favourite tumbler with ice. Add ginger Kombucha.
Top with a dash of bitters and stir.
Top with more Kombucha if you prefer a diluted taste. For extra pizzazz, grate cinnamon on top.
Garnish with a dehydrated orange (optional) and burning cinnamon stick.

Conscious Cocktails is available for $40 from Living With Rosie

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