Little girl plunges to her death from hotel balcony while on dream holiday

She was on a special trip with her family

January 03 2019

A little girl died after she jumped from a fifth-floor hotel balcony trying to reach her family on the first-floor.

The parents of Stephanie Martinez, three, have now reached a settlement with the hotel over the alleged wrongful death. They were staying there on a family holiday, visiting nearby Disneyland.


Stephanie Martinez/GoFundMe

Stephanie Martinez/GoFundMe


The three-year-old plunged from a fifth-floor walkway of the Embassy Suites hotel in Anaheim, California in July 2015 while her mum was busy having a shower.

The little girl walked out onto the balcony, saw her relatives sat in a covered courtyard on the first-floor and thought climbing over and jumping down would be the quickest way to get to them.

Alejandra's terrified scream reportedly scared the little girl and she let go, tragically falling to her death.

Stephanie, who lives in Las Vegas, was rushed to hospital but died shortly afterwards.

Her relatives have said they have derived some comfort from knowing Stephanie visited Disneyland before her death.


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