SHOCK NEWS: Limited edition KitKats are being sold for $200!

People are desperate to get their hands on them!

September 10 2018

Oh wow! Would you pay $200 for a KitKat? Well, sellers on eBay are selling Nestle’s limited edition KitKat Gold, for big cash with boxes selling for almost $200! Yes, that's right!

The choccie bar, which supermarkets usually sell for $4.50 for a 170-gram block, has sent chocoholics into a choco-frenzy, with fans desperate to get hold of them!


These Limited Edition Kit Kats feature crisp wafer fingers covered in creamy golden white and caramelised chocolate.

Unbelievably there are 54 listings for the chocolate on eBay – with more than 10 bids on some.



A Nestle spokesperson told The New Daily the response from consumers to the limited edition KitKat Gold had been overwhelming.

“For those who want it permanently – we say ‘never say never’,” the spokesperson said.

Amy Sinclair is a former editor who loves all things food, cooking and eating - especially the eating! When she's not looking after her three children, you'll find her in the kitchen or busily hiding online shopping purchases from her husband.

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