This $25 Kmart buy just made life with a newborn SO much easier

'Such a clever idea'

October 11 2018

We all know that newborns need a whole lot of STUFF! 

And it's stuff that you probably never even knew you needed before you had a baby.

Wipes, nappies, more nappies, more wipes, dummies, cream, bottles, onesies, more onesies, socks, scratch mittens, wraps, pyjamas, bath wash... the list is pretty much endless.

And chances are that if you've been up at 2am with a newborn, you've been hunting around the room to find any of those items in the dark...

Now mums on Facebook have been praising a Kmart product that has transformed their life. 



Kmart has released this Children's Storage Unit for just $25 which will house all sorts of baby equipment in one place. And mums of newborns are in heaven!

And what's more it IS NOT sold out on-line you can still and you can buy it in some stores and Kmart are replenishing stocks as fast as they can!