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Editor / October 26 2019

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One clever Kmart Mum has blown all other cubby house hacks out of the water!

Speaking to Practical Parenting, mother-of-three Kirsty has explained her process in creating the Kmart Mega Mansion!

"I have three children aged seven, three and one. Two of my children have ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and I wanted to create a safe space for the kids to play in and call their own".

"It can be challenging to take the children to the local park as they have difficulties socialising. I wanted them to have a place to call their own."

Image: Kmart

Image: Kmart


Kristy started with two Kmart cubby houses. With the help of a family friend Richard, Kirsty set to work creation the ultimate Kmart Cubby hack.

"We assembled the cubbys and left off the 4th wall, these became the walls for the joining panel", explains Kristy.

Support walls were added to strengthen the structure and Kristy also explains that she was mindful to keep everything solid and safe for her children to enjoy playtime in a safe environment.

"We wanted to make sure it was safety first."

Image: Supplied

Image: Supplied


The Mega Mansion took a few days assemble as Kirsty had the children be involved in the building process. 

"to make the veranda and the ball pit we used fence palings sanded and cut to size, the platform was reinforced to keep the kids safe".


Image: Supplied

Image: Supplied


With the addition of stairs and a slide mega mansion cubby is almost complete.

Kristy explains that it is still a work in progress and she plans to paint and add finishing touches both on the exterior and inside the cubby mansion.

"I plan to do a inside chalk board and a busy board and the top I have a funny mirror and accessories to be put up aswell", added Kirsty.

Make sure you stay tuned as busy Mum Kirsty will be updating us with pictures of of progress and the finished product.

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