Kmart juicer horror: Aussie Mums warning ‘It exploded on me’

Warning: graphic photos.

Contributor, Practical Parenting / March 27 2020

Aussie mum Jamaika has shared her near miss after her $59 Kmart juicer exploded leaving her cut, bruised and bloody.

Sharing on a closed facebook page she says: “Don’t buy Kmart juicer, it just exploded on me an hour ago.”

She also shared images of her horrific injuries adding: “I just started juicing the first stalk of celery then it exploded.”



Other members from the closed group have advised she report the exploding juicer straight away.

One commenting: “Omg lucky it didn’t cut any vital arteries! Looks awful! Heal well! Make sure you tell Kmart!”

Said another: “You poor thing! That bottom one on your chest looks deep!! This could have had so many scenarios with kids or eyes etc. You poor thing. X”

Added a third: “Lucky it didn’t cut your throat!”


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