Kmart releases new bargain Mobile Laundry & Ironing Board Station - and shoppers are going nuts!

‘I want one so bad!’

Contributor, Practical Parenting / December 10 2019


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Featuring three baskets for all your clothes and washing and an ironing board lid which lifts up to give you easy access to the laundry beneath it, the whole unit sits on wheels and can easily be moved from one room to another. 

In other words, it’s the genius laundry solution we never knew we needed!


Available for just $45, it’s top of the shopping wishlist for thousands of followers at the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook page. One member Emily revealed how she picked up the new laundry station today - telling other shoppers to ‘#rundontwalk’.

She says: Look, I don’t usually like to boast but today I became that Kmart mum, organisational queen and most of all, adaptor of stupid display home design decisions (clearly not my choice). 



‘I came across this large box as I was looking for things to buy in Kmart, as usual. I thought mmm... 88cm high and 80cm wide seems about right, I can always bring it back if the measurements don’t align. 

‘$45 and I think I’ve just saved at least 1000000 hours of looking at the ironing board every day and about the same moving it out of the way from the door when I open it. I must say, I’m quite proud and even my husband is too 🤗 

‘Oh my gosh I’m in love!! This is just great!! Have to get one,’ said one. Added another: ‘Omg I need this!!!!!’

Said a third: ‘I want one. But my husband will still throw his clothes on the floor next to it haha.’

Ha! We feel your pain!

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