Justin Timberlake helps mum with gender reveal onstage!


October 30 2018

Singer Justin Timberlake made a mum-to-be’s dream come true by responding to her plea to help her reveal her baby’s gender at a recent concert.

New Yorker Maddie Putrino is a huge fan of Timberlake, has been to many of his concerts and has loved him since his Mickey Mouse Club days.

At his recent concert in Albany, Maddie held up a sign which read: “Justin, gender reveal selfie? Young man or senorita.” She also had a smaller slip of paper with the baby’s gender on it.

Maddie knew he was very interactive with fans and often poses with them for selfies, so she was hopeful he would take a pic with her.

On the night of the concert, she held the sign up for him to see and Justin quickly spotted it. He reached down and grabbed the piece of paper, then revealed that Maddie was having a baby girl to the packed stadium.

“It’s a girl!!! Thank you so much @justintimberlake for helping me announce. I had the most amazing night,” Maddie shared on Instagram.