Husband: ‘Why I am secretly sabotaging my wife falling pregnant’

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September 27 2018

A husband has anonymously revealed he’s purposely sabotaging his wife’s chances of getting pregnant.

He shared his deep betrayal on Reddit confessing that the couple had been married for seven months and the wife is keen to fall pregnant soon.  

‘My initial plan was to be married for two years and get established in our jobs, which are fairly new, then start trying for kids,’ he began.

‘I really do want them and I've expressed my concern to her, but she doesn't want to hear any of it. This person got pregnant, this person is due anytime, her friends from high school/college are having kids, etc.’

The man then went into detail about how his wife won’t have sex unless they are ‘trying’ to have a baby.





‘The first two years were a sex filled romp. My wife is a freak in bed and she sure showed it,’ he wrote on the internet forum. ‘After we got engaged, it slowed down a bit and she wasn't as freaky, but it was still satisfying. Now we're married, she doesn't want anything intimate unless we are trying. If I say, 'Hey, wanna have sex,' or even attempt foreplay, she brushes me off...but...if I say, 'hey, let's make a baby!' she turns back into freak mode.’

‘My wife is one of those that thought if a guy ejaculates inside a woman, she will become pregnant no matter what,’ he continued. ‘She didn't realize about ovulation and peak times and whatnot.’

Then his wife asked him to download an app to help her chart her peak ovulation, which he did but then decided to manipulate the data.

‘When she thinks she's ovulating, she's not and the chances of her getting pregnant are slim to none,’ he went onto explain.




Most of the followers of his story on Reddit pointed out that his deception is pretty unforgiveable. Especially as they haven’t been married long.

 ‘This sounds like the kind of lie that could really hurt your relationship if she found out. I know I would be devastated if somebody I trusted made a fool out of me like this instead of us openly communicating,’ one person wrote.

 We tend to agree. Man up dude, tell her the truth and stop lying!

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