Genius cleaning hack! How to remove Sharpie permanent marker stains.

Incredible results.

Contributor, Practical Parenting / January 19 2020

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Mum Lisa has shared on Facebook her horror at discovering her 3-year-old had gotten her hands on a permanent Sharpie market and gone to town on her bedroom walls.

"I woke up this morning to my 3 year old putting away a sharpie marker, holding in my panic, I ask her what she did with the marker and then discover the huge mural she created in her room", wrote Lisa.

Even more shocking is that the property is a rental meaning the family could be up for expensive home repairs if the sharpie damaged the walls permanently!

"Of all days, it had to be the morning that we had to open our home for house inspections as we're in a rental and moving out soon. (Yes a rental! 🤦🏻‍♀️)", she adds.



"what I found worked best was first going over the marks with a magic eraser to fade out the ink then spraying the lines with hairspray and wiping it with a damp cloth in a gentle circular motion over the lines.

"The hairspray literally melted and lifted off the ink stains".

Although the method was affected and diverted a crisis on the open home day on the rental property, the process was not a short one.



"After 3 hours, 2 magic erasers, half a can of hairspray and a whole lot of patience later, I got it all off! It's not perfect but at a glance you can't see it!!", shared Lisa.

Others from the cleaning Facebook page could not believe their eyes, posting their amazement of the before and after pictures.

"Great work! Great drawing too though - shame you’re in a rental or it could have stayed!", commented one.

"THREE hours? Damn mumma, you did very well!", added another.



Others were quick to recommend their cleaning hacks for others who find themselves in a similar Sharpie situation.

"I've been there. I used nail polishing remover and some cotton pads.", shared one.

"Try insect repellent like bushmans, works every time without effort!", offered another.

Said a third,"Try crc co cleaner next time, or wd40 wipes straight off. Much quicker. Great job though!"

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