Experts reveals THIS is how long it takes to poop out a piece of LEGO!

... and why you needn't worry if your child does it

December 11 2018

As anyone with a young baby or toddler knows, little kids love to put anything and everything into their mouths.

This can sometimes result in some interesting nappy changes, with coins and LEGO pieces among the most popular foreign objects children put into their mouths.

A team of doctors conducted an experiment to see how long it would take a piece of LEGO to pass through their systems.

The six paediatric health care professionals each swallowed a LEGO head then recorded the amount of time it took to, um… reappear.

The study, entitled ‘Everything is awesome: Don’t forget the LEGO’ found that it took 1.71 days for a piece of LEGO to go from one end of the body to the other.

"This international, multicentre trial identified that small objects, such as those swallowed by children, are likely to pass in 1-3 days without complication,” the researchers said, adding that they hoped the study would offer reassurance to parents.

Researchers say there is little difference between the transit time for adults and children and if anything, children would likely pass objects even faster.

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