Horror as 12-month-old baby hospitalised after biting a millipede

This post is to warn other parents of the danger

Editor / January 19 2020

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"My 12 month old great-nephew Lucas picked up a millipede and bit it.

"He immediately started screaming and swelling and was rushed to the ER", shares Stephanie.

Her post shows photographs of her little 12-month-old nephew Lucas, with severely swollen lips. The tot looks miserable and his lips look painful and very swollen after suffering a reaction after biting the millepede.



Lucas is said to have bitten on a millepede, a common insect found in many homes and gardens.

"I had NO IDEA whatsoever that this could happen. My kids have played with them in the past😳 This post is to warn other parents of the danger as well as for your pets", said Stephanie.



Australia has over 2000 species of millepedes, most generally harmless to humans.

When attacked they curl up tightly into a ball. Many species emit foul smelling toxic secretions when threatened or under attack.



Little Lucas has been discharged from hospital and is now back home.

"Thankfully Lucas is home from the hospital in Al and is resting with his Mommy. This is being posted with her permission and in hopes of spreading the word of the danger of millipedes", said Stephanie.

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