Homemade Father's Day card removed from supermarket display for “disturbing” images and message

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Content Editor / June 25 2019

A supermarket was forced to take down a child’s Father’s Day picture after complaints from customers, due to disturbing content and message.

The image shows a rather scary black and red face. In the background of the picture is a picture of someone hanging themselves and with a chair being tipped over underneath the hanging man.

Perhaps most disturbing of all, however, was the message written underneath, which translates as: " Dear father, thank you for all of your hard work. Mother, please come hurry."

The supermarket had initially displayed children’s cards and pictures as a way to celebrate Father’s Day. The majority of the children had drawn cute images and written down everything they love about their Dads.

The picture was taken down at the request of customers who were understandably freaked out about it, and the supermarket say they have contacted City Hall to investigate the circumstances of the child.

Getty Images

Getty Images

They are not sure what the circumstances of the picture are, whether the child was in danger or what they were trying to say.

Apparently the child was brought in by an adult to place the picture up in the supermarket, although there was no indication who had drawn the picture in the first place.

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