Sam Wood: “A few years ago I felt lost and like life was passing me by”

The Bachelor star reveals how fatherhood has changed him

Content Editor / August 31 2018

Sam Wood’s life and outlook today is very different compared to a few years ago, and it’s all thanks to his fiance Snez and their beautiful girls Evie, 13 and Willow, 10 months, he says.

“Three years ago, I was single and a bit lost to be honest. I really was,” he tells Practical Parenting.

“Even though work was good and I have fantastic relationships with my friends and family there was something missing. I just didn’t know what that something was until I found it.”

As Father’s Day approaches, the founder of says he’s really excited to celebrate. After all, it’s his first as Dad to little Willow.

“I’m not sure Willow will know what is going on but that won’t stop us having a great day,” he says.

“We are heading to Lygon Street for Eve’s favourite lunch then taking the girls to the Zoo,” he reveals. “Let’s face it, it’s more about them than me!”

The family are very close and love spending time together. “For Eve, it is bike rides and cooking and for Willow it is anything that allows her to be curious. She loves the outdoors and animals so we are very keen to keep encouraging that curiosity and love for the outdoors,” he says.

Sam is also fresh from an amazing trip to Macedonia with Snez and the girls.

“It was absolutely amazing,” he says. “It was a real chance to relax and switch off but also a wonderful opportunity to see where Snez and her family are from and I loved that.”


“Fatherhood has changed me more than I ever thought it would. Your whole perspective of what is truly important changes.

“I feel it has helped me with finding a balance in my life. It is also amazing how protective you feel. I love my girls so much and feel a need to take care of them.”