Gender selection could soon be legal in Australia

For family balancing purposes only…

July 26 2016

The laws of gender selection in Australia

The proposal would allow parents who already have at least two children to decide whether they would like to use a male or female embryo to balance out their family.

The radical review of Australian IVF laws is currently being looked at by the National Health and Medical Research Council. Fertility experts claim the new guidelines are aimed at preventing families from heading overseas to pick the gender of their babies. 

A single round of IVF costs around $10,000 in Australia but many couples are heading to Asia or the US where they are paying between $30,000 and $50,000 to undergo gender selection IVF.

What happens if gender selection laws are passed?

If the new laws are passed, couples will be able to select the gender of their third or fourth baby, for example if they already have two girls and are seeking a boy.

Currently only couples with medical reasons can choose the sex of their embryos when undergoing IVF.

A decision is said to be made by the end of the year. 

Would you select the gender or your baby if you could?