Forget cheese boards - ‘Fries boards’ are the hot new entertaining craze of 2020!


January 15 2020

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‘Fries Boards’ are emerging as the hot new entertaining craze of 2020, with people all over putting together amazing grazing platters featuring chips, chips and more chips!

That’s right, the boards includes fries and potato snacks of all shapes and sizes - including crinkle cut chips, French fries, waffle fries, seasoned fries, beer battered chips, sweet potato fries, potato gems and of course wedges. And to finish off the platters? A selection of dipping sauces, including tomato, mustards, aioli, guacamole and sweet chilli - whatever your heart desires. 



Talk about a dream come true for chip lovers! And the best part? They’re so easy to create! Just buy a selection of your favourite chips from your supermarket, pop them in the oven and place them in their various groups on a platter once they’re cooked. Then just add your dipping sauces, and you’re done! Easy!





The platters are already winning over thousands of fans since images of Fries Boards started going viral. 

Said one: ‘I still like cheese boards, but a french fry board?! Yes.’ Added another: ‘A Fries Boards? Pinch me, I’m dreaming!’

Amy Sinclair is a former editor who loves all things food, cooking and eating - especially the eating! When she's not looking after her three children, you'll find her in the kitchen or busily hiding online shopping purchases from her husband.

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