Foodie mum SLAMMED for saying her baby will not be a “kids menu” child

Good luck!

January 29 2019

A self-confessed ‘pretentious foodie’ mum was raked over the coals on Facebook after declaring that she hates kids’ menus and her baby will never be a “kids menu” kind of child.

While we all hope our children will eat a healthy, varied diet, most of us also know the pain of making a delicious meal from scratch only for our little ones to turn up their noses and request plain pasta… again. 

Whether they are mildly fussy eaters, will only accept three specific foods or have neophobia, all kids go through some kind of challenging phase when it comes to mealtimes.

The anonymous post appeared on the Sanctimommy page, much to the ire of fellow mums.



“When my daughter was like 7 or 8 months she ate anything I gave her. Avocado, kalamata olives, tabouli,” wrote one. “I was like yeah this kid is going to have a great palate. Hahahaha...she's four and lives on pasta with sprinkle cheese and chicken nuggets.”

“Just wait until her kid is a super pretentious foodie like mine and orders a grilled cheese with no cheese, to then be told that is toast and throw themselves on the floor in giant meltdown because she doesn't like toast but grilled cheese is her favorite. #hipstergrilledcheese #whohatescheese” wrote another.

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Many parents shared the items their children WILL eat, and the responses were overwhelmingly similar. Pasta, cheese, nuggets and basically anything from a fast food chain.

“Get ready to join the buttered noodle club Karen,” quipped one mum.

“I can't wait until she has to order, through bitter tears, macaroni and cheese with a side of macaroni and cheese because that's literally the only thing her kid will eat, anywhere. It will be glorious,” wrote another.

Are your kids fussy eaters? Will they only eat off the kids menu?