Grandmother, 50, announces she is pregnant with quadruplets!

This nana-of-eight doesn't care what anyone thinks

September 13 2018

A 50-year-old grandmother has announced she is pregnant with quadruplets.

Tracey Britten from London is expecting three girls and a boy with husband Stephen after undergoing IVF treatment.

The mother-of-three spent $14,000 on the treatment in Cyprus, to help her conceive given her age.

 ‘Every year I still wanted another child. I got to 50 and thought: “I’m just going to do it.”’ Tracey told The Sun.

Tracey with her children and grandchildren

Tracey with her children and grandchildren

And to those who might doubt her ability to parent at such an age, Tracey admits she ‘doesn’t care’.

‘People have said, 'You’re a gran having kids'. Well, so what? I won’t be the first and I won’t be the last,’ Tracey added.

‘I don’t look 50 and I don’t feel 50. People can say what they want. They don’t know my story. When they see four beautiful babies they’ll change their mind.’

Tracey is currently 25 weeks pregnant and is booked into give birth by caesarean section.

Within a year of meeting her husband, she fell pregnant but decided to terminate due to timing.

It was incredibly traumatic. It’s a big part of what led me to wanting another child,’ the drug counsellor admitted.

Tracey has three children from a former marriage aged 21, 22 and 32 who have children of their own aged between seven months and 11 years of age.

She will bring up her four children alone in her three-bedroom home as her husband, Stephen does not live with her, but has said he will ‘visit’.

Tracey said that although the treatment was expensive, thankfully her late mother Pauline Smith left her an inheritance to do so.

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