Emma Wiggle: 40 Things You Didn't Know About Emma Watkins (Yellow Wiggle)

Fun facts about your favourite Wiggle

Content Editor / September 03 2019

1 What colour Wiggle is Emma?
Emma is the Yellow Wiggle. The other Wiggles are Purple (Lachlan Gillespie), Blue (Anthony Field) and Red (Simon Pryce). The original Yellow Wiggle was Greg Page, followed by Sam Moran, and then Emma.

2 What is Emma Wiggle's real name?
Emma Wiggle's real name is Emma Olivia Watkins.

3 Is Emma Wiggle dead?
No, Emma Wiggle is alive and well!

4 How old is Emma Wiggle?
Emma Wiggle is 29. She was born on 21 September 1989.

5 How tall is Emma Wiggle?
Emma Wiggle is 5' 4" (1.63m).

6 What country was Emma Wiggle born in?
Emma was born in Sydney, Australia. 

7 Where does she currently live?
Emma still resides in Sydney. When she was married to Lachlan Gillespie (the Purple Wiggle) she lived in an apartment in Wollstonecraft near Sydney's city centre.


When Basil was a baby ... 🐱
When Basil was a baby ... 🐱


8 What is Emma Wiggles' net worth?
Emma Wiggle has an estimated net worth of $12 Million.

9 What is Emma Wiggle's salary?
When Emma joined The Wiggles in 2011, she was a salaried employee, much like former Wiggle, Sam Moran, who was earning around $200,000 a year. Her current salary is believed to be around $500,000 a year.

10 Does Emma Watkins have a sister?
Yes, Emma Watkins does have a sister. Her name is Hayley and she is a model, actress and dancer.

11 Is Emma Wiggle married?
Emma Wiggle's wedding to fellow Wiggle Lachlan (Lachy) Gillespie was on 9 April 2016 at Hopewood House in Bowral, New South Wales.

12 When did Emma and Lachie get divorced?
On 3 August 2018, Emma and Lachie announced their separation. Speaking with Australian Story at the time, Emma said: "I think my health was a real start for me to think about myself, and to think about how healthy I was in myself emotionally, and spiritually and physically." She reveals it was her health problems which led her to evaluate her life and ultimately decide to split from Lachy Wiggle, who is the Purple Wiggle. In an interview Lachy revealed that their 'paths had changed and things were not working as a couple.' The couple still work together and are close friends.

13 What did Emma Wiggle's engagement ring look like and how much did it cost?
Emma's engagement ring featured a large ruby surrounded by diamonds on a platinum band. She spotted it in a jewellers and mentioned she liked it. The ring is from Sutcliffe Jewellery store in New Zealand. While it is not known how much this exact ring costs, similar rings cost between $10,000 and $33,000 on the website.

14 What did Emma Wiggle's wedding dress look like and who made it?
Emma Wiggle's dress was a custom couture gown made by bridal dress designer Suzanne Harward. It had a high, elegant neckline and featured traditional lace with a full-length skirt.

It's moments like these. @emma_wiggle in her custom couture gown. 📸 @larahotzphotography
It's moments like these. @emma_wiggle in her custom couture gown. 📸 @larahotzphotography


15 Where and when was Emma and Lachie Wiggles wedding?
Emma and Lachie Wiggle's Scottish-themed wedding was held at Hopewood House in Bowral, New South Wales on April 9, 2016. 

16 Does Emma Wiggle have a baby or kids?
No, Emma Wiggle does not have a baby or kids.

17 Is Emma Wiggle pregnant?
No, Emma Wiggle is not currently pregnant.

18 Is Emma Wiggle dating anyone?
Emma Wiggle is not believed to be dating anyone. However, the Wiggles keep their lives very private.

19 Has Emma Wiggle ever posed nude or near naked?
No, she has not.

20 Can you buy an Emma Wiggle doll?
Yes, Emma Wiggle dolls are available from major retailers including Kmart, Target and Myer.

💛 m o o d 💛
💛 m o o d 💛

21 What other Emma Wiggle toys can you buy?
Other Emma Wiggle toys you can buy include plushies, jewellery, bows, dress-up outfits, figurines, bags and umbrellas, to name a few!

22 What are the best Emma Wiggle cakes that parents have made?
There's an amazing range of Emma Wiggle Cakes on Instagram, from bow cakes, drip cakes, Emma figurine cakes and more.

23 What are the best Emma Wiggle party ideas?
Theming the party in Emma's favourite colours, yellow and black, is a must, or you could go bow-crazy! There are some amazing ideas on Pinterest. If you're looking for Emma Wiggle birthday invitations or accessories, try Etsy.

24 Can you buy Emma Wiggle wallpaper?
No - but you can buy Wiggles wall decals from here.

25 Can you buy Emma Wiggle pyjamas?
Yes, both Target and Big W sell Emma Wiggle PJ sets.

26 Is Emma Wiggle a trained ballerina?
Yes, Emma Wiggle has been taking ballet classes since she was four. She later studied other styles of dance, including Irish, jazz, hip hop, tap, and contemporary.

Happy World Tutu Day!! 🌟
Happy World Tutu Day!! 🌟

27 What are Emma Wiggle's most popular songs?
Some of Emma's most popular songs include Bow Minuet, Dial E for Emma and Emma's Dream. Popular tunes she performs with The Wiggles include Say The Dance, Do The Dance, Do the Propeller, Wake Up Lachy! and she also sings popular traditional and nursery rhymes such as Five Little Monkeys and Michael Finnegan.

28 Can you buy Emma Wiggle costumes?
Yes. Target, Big W and Spotlight all sell Emma Wiggle costumes.

29 What about Emma Wiggles adult costumes?
Yes. Adult Emma Wiggle costumes are available from Etsy.

30 What does Emma Wiggles real hair look like?
Emma's hair is naturally curly and she dyes it in different shades of red. She often wears her hair in pigtails when performing with The Wiggles.

31 Does Emma Wiggle wear a wig?
Yes, she sometimes wears a wig when she's performing.

32 What type of bow does Emma Wiggle wear?
Emma has a trademark headband with a yellow and black bow on it. During shows, she is often presented with custom bows made by fans.

Last day of term feels 🥁⭐️✈️🎀🎊🎈 Two shows @qudosbankarena and then @carolsdomain 🎄🎄🎄 @lachy_wiggle #geecmon #2018
Last day of term feels 🥁⭐️✈️🎀🎊🎈 Two shows @qudosbankarena and then @carolsdomain 🎄🎄🎄 @lachy_wiggle #geecmon #2018


33 What type of dress Emma Wiggle wear?
Emma wears a yellow and black dress with a fitted bodice and full skirt. When she first joined The Wiggles, Anthony Field wanted her to wear trousers but she insisted she wanted to wear a skirt.

34 What type of shoes dress Emma Wiggle wear?
Emma Wiggle wears black and yellow dance shoes with bows on them.

35 Does Emma Wiggle wear glasses?
Yes, Emma Wiggle wears glasses and even has a song called I've Got My Glasses On. She wears contacts when she performs with the Wiggles.

36 Is Emma Wiggle on Instagram?
Yes, she is on Instagram.

37 Is Emma Wiggle on snapchat?
No, neither Emma or the Wiggles are on Snapchat, saying "we're not that hip and happening!"

38 Is Emma Wiggle on Twitter?
Yes, Emma is on Twitter.

39 Can Emma Wiggle speak French?
Yes, Emma speaks fluent French and also knows AUSLAN (Australian Sign Language).

40 What characters has Emma Wiggle played with The Wiggles?
Emma began performing with The Wiggles, first as Fairy Larissa and then as Wags the Dog, Dorothy the Dinosaur, and as a Wiggly Dancer. The only character she hasn't played is Henry the Octopus. 'Emma is number one,' reveals Anthony. 'She's the Elvis of The Wiggles. You look into the audience and 60, 80 per cent of the children are dressed like Emma.'

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