Em Rusciano shares pregnancy worries

“I failed my weigh-in”

August 15 2018

Radio star Em Rusciano shared her first ultrasound on Tuesday, however got emotional when she spoke about her check-up.

Her doctor expressed concerns about her weight gain, as she previously gained 45kg when pregnant when her youngest daughter in 2013.

'Everything is making me cry at the moment... and I went to this weigh in yesterday and I failed it,’ she said during her show.

'My lovely obstetrician slid across the desk the name of a dietitian, and said as long as you're having three healthy meals a day.'

The 39-year-old had initially kept her news to herself as she was concerned about miscarrying, something she went through last year.

‘What really struck me about finding out that I was pregnant was the fear that I would lose the baby because I lost my last baby and had a miscarriage,' she said.

Wishing Em a safe and healthy pregnancy!

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