Aussie emergency doctor left stranded in ALDI thanks to son’s Fortnite obsession

...and his fellow shoppers reaction is priceless

November 04 2018

In a heart-warming story that will put a smile on your face, one emergency doctor from Taree in NSW has shared his story of how he came to be stranded at his local Aldi with no money. 

Dr Hugh Reid (not pictured here), an Emergency Specialist at Manning Hospital on the mid-NSW north coast, has written to his local paper to reveal how his son’s Fortnite obsession left him unable to pay his Aldi bill. But how did fellow shoppers react? Read his story and find out!

I was working a busy shift at the emergency department at Taree hospital last week when I realised I needed to go across the road to Aldi to get some dinner before it closed,’ he wrote in a letter to the Manning River Times. 

‘I went in, dressed in my Emergency Specialist scrubs, insignias, ID badges etc., and looking embarrassingly doctorish. When I got to the till, I discovered that my sons thievery of my credit card details so that he could play Fortnite, had resulted in my card being suspended and none of my credit cards would work! 


Getty image: Stock photo

Getty image: Stock photo


‘I rushed back across the road to borrow some money from some of my colleagues,  only to discover when I got back with a friend’s key card, that the couple behind me had paid the $15 for my frozen dinner and nibbles.

‘Often we hear about what a terrible place the world is, but this action really renewed my faith in humanity.  

‘Of course by the time I got back to the shop, the people who had paid had disappeared and I wasn’t able to say thanks to them personally. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them – it would be very easy to say even doctors don’t need a hand every now and then.

‘Thanks for the opportunity to pass on my thanks, and to let them know that I will pay it forward.’

We couldn’t love this more! 



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