'DO NOT TOUCH MY BABY' signs are selling out. Would you get one?

What do you think?

October 18 2018

Do you want people touching your baby?

Forget Baby On Board stickers for your car - the next phenomenon is a Do Not Touch My Baby sign for your pram or stroller!

The signs are taking the world by storm but they're pretty controversial, with some mums finding them supremely useful but others are questioning if they're really necessary. 

An American company, Tags 4 Tots, makes badges and carseat covers that can be attached to high chairs, prams and strollers warning potential baby fans to steer clear.

'Stop! No touching. Your germs are too big for me!' says one of the signs for sale. 'Please look, don't touch! Mummy thanks you very much' reads another.


The signs which cost $14.00 ($9.99 in American dollars) are very popular with mums of premature babies whose immune systems are still low and a cough or cold could be dangerous. 


While many mums find the signs to be hugely helpful in telling over-zealous strangers not to touch or squeeze their baby, others find the signs to be one-step too far.

'I didn't know about these signs and my child was born at 32 weeks, ' said one fan. 'When I was out and about people would come up to me and reach out to touch her and I felt really rude asking them to stay away. This sign would have helped me so much.'

But others disagree. 'We're humans, conversation is a good thing,' said another. 'Just be polite and explain. It's yet another way mums feel like they are more important than the rest of us.'

What do you think? Would you buy one for your pram?