Dad gives daughter 'the worst bogan name ever' by secretly spelling his favourite soccer team backwards!


May 23 2019

A cunning dad called his daughter LANESRA without telling his wife that it was actually his favourite soccer team spelt BACKWARDS!

Clare Smith, from Blacktown, NSW wrote to a weekly magazine to reveal that her two-year-old daughter is named after the UK soccer team ARSENAL!

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Stock shot/Getty


But when her husband suggested the name to her, she loved it because it sounded 'romantic' and 'unique'.

'We chose our daughter's name, Lanesra, because it was unique and romantic,' she said in the letter.

'It wasn't 'til she was two that my husband told me it was actually his favourite soccer team, Arsenal, spelled backwards!'

Fans of the soccer team praised the dad on social media calling him a 'legend' and a 'true fan'.

'This is dedication to the cause,' said one. 'My daughter should be called NODNESSE after the Bombers but not sure my wife would ever agree to that one..."

'I wanted to call my daughter Swan after the Sydney Swans,' said another. 'But I was shut down. Good on you mate, for getting away with it!'

But fellow mums weren't as impressed. 'If you love the name, then that's great. But he should have told you as soon as he came up with it. Bet you feel pretty stupid about it.'

'All that counts is that you adore the name,' said another. 'But he should be given the silent treatment for the next two years for NOT telling you.'

Others questioned why she liked the name in the first place. 'That is literally the WORST bogan name ever in history,' said one. 'Ugh.'


What do you think of the name Lanesra? And what do you think about the dad's sneaky tactics?



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